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Dunnicaer (Promontory Fort)

Second Excavation At Historic Sea Side Stack

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Barflats (Rhynie) (Hillfort)

Archaeologists Find Pictish Palace in Aberdeenshire

Archaeologists excavating a field in Aberdeenshire (aka drewland) where standing stones where found believe they have uncovered the entrance to a Pictish palace. (Iron Age)

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Mar Lodge (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Early Cairngorm People

Early Cairngorm mountain people evidence has been found.

Moncreiffe Hill (Hillfort)

Archaeologists Hoping To Scrape Their Way To Moncreiffe Hill's Ancient Secrets

Painstaking excavations of one of Tayside's greatest Iron Age seats of power have been carried on Moncreiffe Hill.

Perth and Kinross

Neolithic Stone Puts Spotlight On Perthshire Glen's Ancient History

An ancient relic that shines a light on Neolithic life has been discovered in a picturesque reserve in Highland Perthshire.

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White Caterthun (Hillfort)

Video - Student Takes To The Skies To Recreate Ancient Past Of Angus

An early Angus settlement has been recreated after 2,000 years by a Dundee art student.

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Ravelrig (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Palisaded Settlement and Iron Age roundhouse reveal story etc

Roundhouse and settlement show shadows of late Bronze Age and Iron Age communities.

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4,000 Year Old Pottery Found In Dyce

What you find when making a car park.

Duns Law (Hillfort)

Duns Law finally gives up its Beaker burial ground.

Human remains and seven earthen vessels dating back to the Bronze Age Beaker settlers were uncovered by Scottish Water at Duns Law.

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Jutland (Region)

Stone Age Hunters Liked Their Carbs.

Analyses of Stone Age settlements reveal that the hunters were healthy and would gladly eat anything they got their hands on, including carbohydrates - contrary to the modern definition of Paleolithic, or Stone Age diet.

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Oldest Prehistoric Town Found - Bulgaria

Sofia - archaeologists in eastern Bulgaria say they have unearthed the largest prehistoric town ever found in Europe.

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Low Hauxley (Cairn(s))

Race Against Time To Save Bronze Age Artefacts

The extensive sand dunes of Druridge Bay on the Northumberland coast are a veritable of Britain's history, from the Ice Age to to day.

Archaeologists say there is a danger of the natural world losing tangible evidence of it's history.

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Highland (Mainland)

Ancient Sauna Unearthed In Assynt

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of what they believe to be a Bronze Age bathing site or sauna.

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Stonehenge (Stone Circle)

Revealed: Early Bronze Age Carvings Suggest Stonehenge Was a Huge Art Gallery

From The Independent 12/10/2012

A detailed laser scan of the entire monument has discovered 72 previously unknown Early Bronze Age carvings chipped into 5 of the giant stones.

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New Walking Trail of Ilkley Moor's Rock Art

The Friends of Ilkley Moor have launched a Cup and Ring Stone GPS (global positioning system) trail so that owners of GPS systems, including the latest mobile phones, can find them.

Spain (Country)

Oldest Map In Western Europe

We all rely on maps, be they the sat nav in your car or a traditional A-Z, and archaeologists have found that our ancestors were no different.

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(knowing my luck I'd still get lost!!!!!!!)

Callanish and its Environs

Olympic Torch

They needed more than one attempt to light it. Nice pic tho.

Argyll and Bute (Mainland)

Archaeologists In Oban Discover Bronze Age Was Height Of Cool

They had fridges, state of art heating systems and possibly even access to a sauna.

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Bronze Age Boat Replica Fails To Float

The band was ready, the champagne was on hand then........

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Painting A Picture Of Scapa Flow, 10,000 Years Ago

A map of how Orkney looked 10,000 years ago is beginning to paint a picture of how the islands appeared to the first settlers who came here at the end of the last Ice Age.

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