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Site Site type
AchonryDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
ArnasbrackCourt Tomb
BallindoonPortal Tomb
BallydivlinWedge Tomb
BallyglassCourt Tomb
BanagherStanding Stone / Menhir
BavanCourt Tomb
BreastaghWedge Tomb
Caherdorgan NorthStanding Stone / Menhir
Caherdorgan NorthStone Fort / Dun
CaherlehillanStone Fort / Dun
Caherlehillan SouthWedge Tomb
CahernageehaBurial Chamber
Cappaboy Beg NWStone Circle
CarrowcastleWedge Tomb
CarrownaghCourt Tomb
CarrownakibCourt Tomb
Cathair na bhFionnúrachStone Fort / Dun
CommonsCourt Tomb
Coomatloukane NorthWedge Tomb
Coomnahorna EastStanding Stones
CoulaghStone Circle
CregdotiaWedge Tomb
Derreenataggart MiddleStanding Stone / Menhir
DromatoukStone Row / Alignment
DrumanyWedge Tomb
DrumcollaghCourt Tomb
Glebe 4Stone Circle
GortafludigWedge Tomb
Gortbrack NorthCourt Tomb
KilbronogeWedge Tomb
Killough WestWedge Tomb
KnockaneWedge Tomb
KnocknalowerStone Circle
KnocknalowerWedge Tomb
LeacanabuileStone Fort / Dun
LoherStone Fort / Dun
Lumnagh MoreStone Circle
MilleensBullaun Stone
MontiaghroeStone Circle
PluckStanding Stone / Menhir
StreedaghCourt Tomb
StreedaghWedge Tomb
Uragh NorthStone Circle
During my first trip to Ireland back in 2006, I was bitten by the 'megalithic' bug and since then I seek for every opportunity to visit as much sites as possible, with a bias for stone circles.

As I live in the southwest of Germany (not an area famous for megaliths), I rely on my holidays to be able to visit these sites.

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