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Site Site type
AchonryDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
ArnasbrackCourt Tomb
BallindoonPortal Tomb
BallydivlinWedge Tomb
BallyglassCourt Tomb
BanagherStanding Stone / Menhir
BavanCourt Tomb
BreastaghWedge Tomb
Cappaboy Beg NWStone Circle
CarrowcastleWedge Tomb
CarrownaghCourt Tomb
CarrownakibCourt Tomb
CommonsCourt Tomb
CoulaghStone Circle
CregdotiaWedge Tomb
DrumanyWedge Tomb
DrumcollaghCourt Tomb
Glebe 4Stone Circle
GortafludigWedge Tomb
Gortbrack NorthCourt Tomb
Killough WestWedge Tomb
KnockaneWedge Tomb
KnocknalowerWedge Tomb
KnocknalowerStone Circle
LeacanabuileStone Fort / Dun
LoherStone Fort / Dun
Lumnagh MoreStone Circle
MontiaghroeStone Circle
PluckStanding Stone / Menhir
StreedaghWedge Tomb
StreedaghCourt Tomb
During my first trip to Ireland back in 2006, I was bitten by the 'megalithic' bug and since then I seek for every opportunity to visit as much sites as possible, with a bias for stone circles.

As I live in the southwest of Germany (not an area famous for megaliths), I rely on my holidays to be able to visit these sites.

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