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Norman's Law (Hillfort) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Norman's Law</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Norman's Law</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Norman's Law</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Norman's Law</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Norman's Law</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Green Craig (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Follow the directions to Creich Manse and keep going until the ruined Creich Church. Opposite can be seen Creich Castle. The fort is at the top of the hill to the north of the church.

We opened the gate just to the west of the church and headed straight up the hill to another gate which leads to a small track leading up the hill. Traces of rampart can be seen but it is very low and hard to detect. Evidence of a couple of hut circles remain but apart from that nothing much remains. What does remain is steep natural defences on the northern side and the beautiful views. Today the Tay was mirror like reflecting both the city and the Sidlaws. Also to be seen to the south and west are many hillforts. Looks like a busy time for two legged and four legged hill climbers.

This isn't a steep climb but well worth the effort. Careful of the northern defences, there isn't much room for error after the ruined fence.

Visited 8/6/2015.

Green Craig (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Craig</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Creich Manse (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

The directions are as the other site visits describe. Sadly if there is a minister at Creiche Manse then he or she doesn't like to look after the place.

We parked at the parking area at the manse and knocked at the door but no reply came. The path to the ring cairn is a shambles, covered in rubbish tip stuff, dogs leftovers etc. In short it is a disgrace.

Even more sadly the site hasn't been looked after, a certain amount of growth is expected at this time of year but this is beyond a joke, nobody has cared for this place for ages.

On the plus site the actual site is still superb with its double ring, centre stone and slab still in place. If looked after properly this would be a magnificent site but it might vanish under a pile of weeds.

Good people reconstructed and looked after this place, their heads would spin if they seen it now.

Visited 8/6/2015.

Creich Manse (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Creich Manse</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Green Hill (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Green Hill is the next hill to the west of Coultra Hill and looks like a nice easy stroll up a small hill. We parked Coultra Farm, headed up thru the field and thru the gate to north.

From here the walk took a somewhat difficult turn. We headed back east then swung north looking for inroads to the centre of hill. After much searching we headed west on the north side which didn't bring any more luck. The gorse got thicker and higher making it impossible to break thru. So we headed back to the trees on the north and this proved equally difficult. Eventually heading south on the west side of Green Hill I had to crawl along on my knees as standing was impossible. I re-emerged as Treebeard's cousin, covered in twigs, gorse etc ALC faired little better emerging with a nest haircut, only Buster the dog was content and his cairn finding scanner had gone missing.

Still on the southern side a path was found at last. I headed north , the dog south. Heading north led straight to the cairn. This cairn has literally taken a hammering. It has been houked, trenched and quarried. Remarkably kerbs remain in place, on the east side something resembling the remnants of a causeway exist and somehow parts of the turf covered cairn remains at over 1.5 meters high 18 meters wide. Cairn material also pokes it head thru in several areas. This must have been some sight/site originally and despite the battering it still is.

The path Buster had found leads back down to the minor road, always the same as we all know the easy path is found last.

Visited 21/4/2015.

Green Hill (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Fettercairn (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Fieldnotes

From the centre of Fettercairn near the shop take the B966 south past the impressive looking church. Look for a wee bridge to the north. This bridge, which crosses the Crichie Burn, looked unsteady for the car so I had a pleasant wee stroll along the track.

The track leads to a sports pavilion and cricket pitch, both of which haven't been used for ages sadly. Walk across the pitch to the clearly visible barrow. Yet another beautiful place with barrow sitting at 22 meters wide/2 meters tall. Quarrying has happened on the southern side. Trees sit on top adding to the atmosphere on a nice Spring day. Also sitting on top of the barrow was a wheelbarrow.

Another affa bonny place.

Visited 15/4/2015.

Fettercairn House (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Fieldnotes

This is a lovely barrow some 17 meters in diameter and 2 meters high. Situated near the B974, the famous Cairn O Mount road, the barrow is very close to this road. It can be found slightly to the north of Fettercairn (the village) and just to the south of Mains Of Fasque entrance.

Being set in a wood the sense of ancient times is everywhere despite the nearness of the road. Sadly some quarrying has happened on the south east side but most of it remains intact.

A very beautiful place.

Visited 15/4/2015.

Green Hill (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Green Hill</b>Posted by drewbhoy

Black Laws (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Black Laws is a lovely small grass covered cairn standing at almost 9 meters wide, 1 meter tall. It is perched over the minor road heading west from Balmullo. However the road heading past Lucklaw Quarry is a bit of a joke so take care if driving along here. Go thru the very pretty hamlet of Logie and pull in after the first wee hill to the south of the road.

The cairn is situated on top of the wee hill and has good views all round. This time I found the cairn as Buster (training not completed) chased after a pheasant. So after a good look round it was down the hill near the cairn and a gate which led to the road. My assistant leading the wayward Buster back to the car.

Visited 14/4/2015.

Coultra Hill (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

From the village of Gauldry head west stopping after the second minor road heading north. I pulled in at a small track used to park agricultural machinery. Luckily, for us, this led to an nice path with access thru the deer fence.

We followed the path back east which swings upwards in a arc style and leads basically straight to the cairn. However credit must go to Buster (being trained to find cairns :-) ) as he scampered onto the cairn. Just as well he did that as the cairn is well hidden amongst fallen trees. What must have been an impressive cairn has been much damaged and now stands at a turf covered 19 meters wide 1 meter tall. Even more impressive must have the capstone which was originally twice its present size (1.8 by 1.3). Sadly it was dynamited and gouged, the chamber on which it sat destroyed.

The paths here are half decent and provided a very nice walk. Thinking the next cairn (Green Hill) would be easy to find we scoured the hill. This is what you get using the wrong map as I thought Green Hill and Coultra Hill where the same thing. It isn't, it is the next hill west. Slightly red faced we headed back down the hill with Buster and my assistant leading the way. As SC and the Mad Man would point out getting lost is a regular occurrence :-)

Visited 13/5/2015.

Lord Arthur's Hill (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

From Damil I headed back north on the A980 and then onto the A944 heading west towards Mossat. This used to be a terrible junction but has now been sorted so no more driving difficulties here. I stopped at Littlewood Park as it was a safe bet I could park here. Permission was given so on I went.

Follow the track behind the saw mill/logs to the north west and basically head up the hill which is quite steep in parts. A junction is reached about half way up. Go a short distance west then head uphill following another track. You'll notice plenty of 'shooting butts' on the way up. Once on the top plateau you'll be in between the trig point and the cairn, which is some 30 meters east of the track. Fantastic views all round, in particular Tap O Noth to the North. Lord Arthur's Hill is the highest point of the Correen Hills.

The cairn is easily spotted as a 'wind break' has been built on top of it. (going back down the hill this would have proved a handy shelter.) Turf/grass covers most of the cairn but several kerbs are in evidence and cairn material pokes it head thru the covering. It sits at almost 9 meters wide and 0.5 meters tall. Whoever this cairn was made for certainly had a beautiful place to rest. A Bronze Age axe was found here in 1863.

After a good and long look round at all the scenery it was time to head back down. Looking south towards Damil did not look promising. Heavy snow was coming from the south and for 20 mins approx. I walked in blizzard type conditions. Good fun!

Visited 11/5/2015.

Damil (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Damil is still pronounced locally as Danehill from which the hills present name is derived. Ramparts once existed here and several finds from the hill are now in Aberdeen University. Local historians also say that the fort was also used by Italian led visitors. Now the fort is a crop field and a wood of recently planted trees. Stunning views all round including an unusual but wonderful view of Bennachie.

The hill is a short (and not very steep) climb north of the Mains of Asloun farm. Head south on the A980 from Alford taking the third minor road west. The farm is the first minor road north. For those interested in ruined castles Asloun castle is at the end of the minor road. A very beautiful and mysterious place.

Visited 11/5/2015.

Castle Dykes (Promontory Fort) — Fieldnotes

From Middle Knox Farm I headed straight north on the farm track leading up and thru Upper Knox. A pleasant day for a walk as on this day the temp was 22. On reaching the minor road head west then take the next minor road north. This leads thru Peattie farm. Keep going north easterly until the track ends. Head down the slopes, wade across the Bervie Water (suitable attire was worn) and the promontory will be in front.

Sadly nothing remains of this fort except indicators of ramparts on cropmarks and aerial photography. However it is an ideal place for this type of fort with the nearby Bervie Water providing fresh water. The steep slopes on 3 sides provide natural protection. Nearby are Millpough (RSC) and Pitcharles (cairn) as well as Allardice Castle.

However by this time the temp had dropped to 8 so it was time to head back to Middle Knox via the Bervie Water. Not quite so relished this time.

Visited 5/4/2015.

Lord Arthur's Hill (Cairn(s)) — Miscellaneous

This is also a name of a Scottish Reel (fiddle music) written in G Major. Composed by Alexander Walker it is part of the 'A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels and Marches' published in 1866.

Lord Arthur's Hill (Cairn(s)) — Folklore

'A lofty hill over which the boundary between this parish from that of Auchindoir. It derives its name from the following incident, when the of Lord Arthur Forbes commonly called 'Black Arthur' was being carried over this hill for internment in Kearn Church Yard. The bearers rested on this hill during a snow storm. There is no cairn as the name would imply on or about the hill.'

Parish Records.

(They rested the coffin near where the trig point is nowadays. The cairn is some 70 meters to the south east.)

Middle Knox (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Just south of Inverbervie/Gourdon I took the first farm track west and parked at Middle Knox farm. Walk back down the track to the first track heading north east, a former drover's road. This track also leads to the Gourdon Long Cairn. At the end of the first field follow the fence line south which leads directly to the fort.

The fort is oval in shape and is 79 by 36 meters. To get into the fort properly I threw myself basically through the yellow gorse. In reality I jumped the rampart and landed on my feet. Some of the rampart survives and underneath the gorse building work still remains. Entrance to the fort is on the north west area. A circular depression may mark the site of a hut circle.

Fantastic views south and out to the North Sea are to be head. After a good, sometimes jabby, look round it was cross country to Castle Dykes and more burn jumping.

Visited 5/4/2015.

Findlayston (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

At Findlayston Farm I was given directions to approach the cairn from the north. On the minor road which connects the B079 and A957 north of Stonehaven stop at the double gateway. I parked just south of the gate. Walk due south for about 1/2 mile and you'll end up walking straight into the cairn. Underfoot conditions today were good as there had been a dry spell.

The cairn has been badly damaged and has had it's centre houked. On the east side damage has been caused by heavy duty farm machinery. Still the cairn remains over 20 meters in width and at its highest is over a meter in height. Cairn material lays strewn whilst a couple of kerbs remain in place, several have been toppled. Today Stonehaven looked magnificent in the Spring sun, Raedykes was lit up and the valley up the Slug Road was looking colourful.

Visited 5/4/2015.

Fettercairn (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Images

<b>Fettercairn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Fettercairn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Fettercairn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Fettercairn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Fettercairn</b>Posted by drewbhoy<b>Fettercairn</b>Posted by drewbhoy
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