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Jock's Cairn (Cairn(s))

Margaret Stewart associated this cairn with other upland cairns in Perthshire e.g. Strathgroy and even suggested it had a peristalth . Can't see the resemblance myself , the others are much bigger and in the case of Strathgroy the peristalth is obvious . Nothing like it here .

Urlar (Enclosure)

Two new finds from yesterday , N.b. they are on the other side of the burn from the enclosure .

An Torr

A good example of the difference light makes in seeing motifs .I'd had a look at an old pic from four years ago and thought there might be a couple of rings .Almost ideal conditions yesterday ,when the mist cleared , confirmed that there were two arcs ,not rings .

Camperdown Park (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

I must have passed this gate house on the Liff brae hundreds of times as a kid .
Not the first time that rock art has been incorporated into a building , a more common feature in Perthshire .

Corrymuckloch (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Two new finds from a couple of days ago and improved light on older finds .

Another day of ideal light yesterday led to some new finds .
A good example of the difference the light makes can be seen in the first pic which was of a marked surface found a few years ago ,I could make out the markings at the time but they wouldn't show up in the pics .
The next two pics are of the same surface in yesterday's better conditions .

New find from yesterday. If it hadn't been for ideal lighting conditions I doubt it may well have gone unnoticed .
The last pic shows the overall surface after a bit of clearing but even then it's difficult to make out much . The light and water did manage to bring out some of the very worn motifs and cups .

Glen Derby (Carving)

Found just over eight years ago grid ref approx , grooves 10cms long x 4mm deep .

Tulliemet (Carving)

Found about six yeras ago , didn't take grid ref so only approximate

Craig Hill (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

The rock art is a new find from a couple of weeks ago The stone setting , possibly remains of a hut circle or ring cairn , would have been noted by whoever cleared the heather from either side of the new track allowing access to the new Denny -Beauly super pylons . A good practice not always followed elsewhere .

Blackhills (Stone Circle)

Recent excavation has discovered that what was originally considered to have been a hut circle or roundhouse is at least a ring cairn , but a gap in the bank/platform is the right size and orientation for a recumbent , complete with sockets either side of the gap suggestive of a setting for flankers .

Drumcharry (Cup Marked Stone)

One of three previously unrecorded marked rocks found yesterday . Light not ideal but you get a rough idea.I'm sure that the stone is not in situ and has been dumped here , probably from a fairly recent development at the bottom of the hill .

Black Burn (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Three previously unrecorded panels found yesterday ,all under heather . I've included a "before" pic of the largest , prior to heather removal .

Benachally (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

A hut circle and two of the previously recorded marked rocks around the loch .

Ardtulichan (Cup Marked Stone)

A new find from a few days ago bringing the total of marked rocks on this terrace above the River Garry to eight .Views are towards Ben Vrackie , Beinn a Ghlo and Beinn Dearg .

Sheep Hill (Hillfort)

Possibly a bit late period wise for inclusion here , but the site was close to some major cup and ring markings which were removed in connection with the quarry in the pic . The same fate looks likely for the hillfort .

Broad Moss (Stone Circle)

I wouldn't normally put up some pics of a possible round house but this one is in such good nick and only three hundred metres from the site of two stone circles and has previously gone un-noticed /recorded .

Pitscandly (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

A previously unrecorded rock found last week .
Midway (just over a mile to either ) between the Pictish stones at Aberlemno and Blackgate standing stones .

Priests Glen

Suposedly the remains of a stone circle .
Mmmm .


Very Accessible from the nearby road .
Stone setting seems more appropriate than stone circle .

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