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non rock art

There has been a mention of a splendid example of recently discovered prehistoric rock art near Barrhead , just outside Glasgow ,so I went to have a look .
It is rock art so probabaly not quite right for this section , it is however not prehistoric .
Quite a few giveaway signs , mainly the differential colouring of the incised areas and the rock surface .If the surface had ben previously covered or exposed the incised areas and the rock surface would have had similar colouring but there is quite a difference , just as we find when rocks are recently engraved .
The markings are very fresh but with no signs of any pick markings , from the stone tools that we might expect to have been used to engrave them ,instead the incised areas are very smooth unlike the natural smoothness found after millenia of exposure . The cups are just not like real cups the edges are too well defined and the cups too shallow , this may sound like special pleading but anyone who has seen genuine cups in all their varieties will know what I mean. Finally the site is at a junction of three paths ,complete with a signpost ,thousands of people will have walked over it and past it , it's evry unlikley to gave gone unnoticed . I have found examples of genuine rock close by paths but nothing as obvious as this ,you can even see the markings from some distance away . So yes it is rock art but probably engraved in the past couple of years .

Correchrevie (Cairn(s))

About 500 metres northeast of the cairn

Bog (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

A collection of new motifs uncovered today .

Glengoulandie (Cup Marked Stone)

Couple of brocken spectres from the area .

Coilleaichur (Enclosure)

Pity about the use of the R word in the site description .

Pity about the pics too ,weather was freezing and dull . With these trees so close no sun throughout most of the winter .

Looks just like a double walled hut circle .

Birnam Hill (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Despite a number of visits at different times of day/year it has always been difficult to get decent images of the worn motifs . Some from yesterday weren't too bad .

Cloanlawers (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

New find from yesterday . Light was failing so pics not too clear .

Bog (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Interesting new panel from today ,some typical rock art that includes what could be a "footprint " but also a millstone which obviously could date from much later . Sorry can't give proper grid ref yet , hence Bog etc.

Broughmore Wood (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Two new panels discovered a couple of days ago 100 metres west of previouly recorded panel .

Badyo (Cup Marked Stone)

Not much better , but slightly clearer than original pics from first discovery a decade ago . Not from the period but the cross incised stone is three hundred metres away .

Lurgan (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Most photogenic , despite poor light ,of some new finds from last week .64 cups .

Glen Tarken (Cup Marked Stone)

Slightly clearer view of find from 2009 and the most photogenic (eventually ) of three new finds from yesterday .

High Nunton (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

A previously unrecorded marked rock , pics don't do justice to the markings . Must return in good winter light to get a clearer image .

Galtway (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Two previously unrecorded cup and single rings sites from the field immediately to the north of Galtway Hill .

Townhead (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

A new find from a couple of weeks ago . It was only when I got home that I realised that it hadn't been recorded (Surprising as it is not that far from the farm and relatively obvious ), hence the duff pics .Didn't spend too much time getting good pics or recording .
If anyone is in the area I can give give directions & 10 figure grid ref and hopefully they can get some pics to give the markings justice .

Corrody Burn (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

New find from yesterday , a couple of miles into the hills from previously mentioned marked rock at NN 97877 37061 .

Craig Hill (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Three new finds from today , not particularly photogenic but it brings the total for Strath Urlar up to 102 .

Jock's Cairn (Cairn(s))

Margaret Stewart associated this cairn with other upland cairns in Perthshire e.g. Strathgroy and even suggested it had a peristalth . Can't see the resemblance myself , the others are much bigger and in the case of Strathgroy the peristalth is obvious . Nothing like it here .

An Torr

A good example of the difference light makes in seeing motifs .I'd had a look at an old pic from four years ago and thought there might be a couple of rings .Almost ideal conditions yesterday ,when the mist cleared , confirmed that there were two arcs ,not rings .

Camperdown Park (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

I must have passed this gate house on the Liff brae hundreds of times as a kid .
Not the first time that rock art has been incorporated into a building , a more common feature in Perthshire .
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